• Janice Yarbrough

Top 3 Signs of Commercial Heating Trouble

As a Murfreesboro commercial building or business owner, your commercial HVAC system is one of your largest investments. The earlier you can detect looming repair issues, the better your chances of avoiding costly replacements down the road. A dramatically high heating bill is a sign, but of what? Take a look around, and listen to what the people in the building every day are noticing. Most common heating system issues register tell-tale symptoms that can help you hone in on the source of the problem. Here is a list of the top 3 signs of commercial heating trouble:

1.“Is that thermostat working?”

Maybe not. And we can fix that! Most people assume that a heating system that responds poorly or doesn’t seem to respond at all is due to a faulty thermostat. More often, the case is something else, such as burner issues, piping system issues, air duct issues, or other problems.

2. “What’s that noise?”

It’s true, commercial heating systems can be pretty noisy, but there’s noise, and then there’s noise – if you know what we mean. Anything out of the ordinary that may signal trouble, like loud booms, hissing, gurgling or grinding, can be a good indication of problems afoot, including a misfiring burner or bad air handler motor bearings. At the first sound of these noises, call a professional commercial HVAC technician. Waiting could lead to more calamitous and costly damage.

3. “Is that thing running again?”

Sure, colder weather generally means a heating system runs more. But when you notice your system turning on & off perpetually throughout the day, it’s probably “short cycling”. This is often due to internal overheating, repeatedly activating a shut-off switch turning the system off. In this case. This causes a tremendous load to be placed on an already challenged system, trying to get caught up, and calls for immediate service.


Remember, listen to what your tenants and employees have to say, then give us a call at Fahrenheit Mechanical Systems. We specialize in Murfreesboro Commercial and Residential HVAC installations and service. Our professional technicians can perform a thorough furnace assessment, and provide any service needed, from basic HVAC maintenance and minor repairs to complete heating system replacements. Remember, 24/7 emergency service is always available, and we even offer financing. Need a new, high-efficiency furnace? Don’t delay. Call Fahrenheit Mechanical Systems today at (615) 392-1381. We look forward to hearing from you!

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