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Five Signs You Need Walk in Cooler Maintenance

Walk-In Coolers

are a pretty essential part of the daily function to the businesses who use them. That means even the smallest problem could be a major catastrophe spelling huge losses for your business. Compounding the problem is the fact that repairs can be costly. Due to that fact, many business owners limp along with minimal repairs – which also add up quickly, leaving you with a larger problem still looming overhead. Naturally, those larger problems eventually manifest at the most inopportune times. It’s maddening, really. But take heart; chances are your cooler has been trying to warn you that it needs help, long before the problem reaches a crisis level.

Five of the most common signs to watch for:

WHAT’S THAT SMELL? – When the coolant responsible for keeping your cooler chilled or the condenser that maintains temperatures becomes old or malfunctions, a strange stale smell is often one of the symptoms.

ICE LAND – If it’s a cooler, not a freezer, it shouldn’t be freezing anything. Additionally, ice buildups and freezing moisture could indicate that the heat is rising and falling without your knowledge, causing things to freeze, melt and condensate. It’s important to keep an eye out for ice at all times.

HOT & COLD – Unstable temperatures are a telltale sign that your walk-in cooler needs some professional TLC asap. Does your cooler have a sensor that alerts you to temperature fluctuations or if the temperature goes over a certain level? Pay close attention to this sensor.

DIM & FLICKER – If the lights in your walk-in cooler dim and flicker erratically or other electrical systems exhibit signs of stress, there may be an electrical problem at hand. These require immediate attention, as ignoring it could cost you your cooler.

HISS RATTLE BOOM – Have you been hearing odd noises like rattling, shaking, squeaking or hissing? These are all signs of mechanical troubles somewhere in your cooler and should also be investigated by a professional asap. A commercial refrigeration expert will be able to determine the source of the noise and investigate for serious potential mechanical failure.

If your Middle Tennessee walk-in cooler is displaying any of the five warning signs above, don’t delay. Your cooler’s life may depend upon it. Call Fahrenheit Mechanical Systems today at (615) 392-1381. We offer 24/7 emergency service for all your commercial and residential refrigeration and HVAC needs. Did you know that Fahrenheit offers financing? Don’t let temporary cash flow trouble be a barrier to getting the help you need. Our skilled technicians are standing by.

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