AC Installation


The Professionals You Can Trust

Whether you need a new air conditioner as part of a new property or addition, or are seeking to replace an existing AC unit, work with a professional that you can trust. At Gas Pros AC, our skilled Franklin air conditioner installation specialists can help you with any kind of system you choose. We know how to properly advise you on the right solution for your unique home and our expert installation gives you AC you can rely on.

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When Should You Call a Professional?

Having an air conditioner that meets every single one of your needs is important. If your system does not bring your home to an acceptable standard of comfort, it is time to make a change. That’s when our team can shine. We offer economically and environmentally efficient solutions that save money while lowering the temperature.

It may be time to install a new system if you experience problems such as:

  • The system does not turn on or off

  • Vents don’t evenly cool rooms

  • Rooms don’t reach the desired temperature

  • You constantly pay for repairs

  • There are strange noises when the unit runs

  • Your energy expenses are higher than usual

  • Humidity is not being managed

A quick phone call can make all the difference. We can come to your home and examine your existing air conditioner and associated vents to determine the right solution. Our team will let you know your options and how we can best serve you.

Don’t Proceed without Gas Pros Ac

One of the biggest mistakes that people and other HVAC companies make is assuming that there is a single air conditioning option that is right for everyone. That is what sets our Franklin air conditioner installers apart from the rest. We take the time to understand your home’s layout, your specific cooling needs, and any associated expenses to help you choose the right unit. From there, we are prepared to install your system with an advanced level of expertise and care. Don’t proceed with installation without speaking with Gas Pros AC first.

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